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Steel Plate H Beam Production Line CNC Flame Cutting Machine Gantry Model

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Friendship Machinery

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: GS-4000

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: USD20,000

Packaging Details: Standard package

Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment

Supply Ability: 20 sets per month

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Steel Plate H Beam Production Line CNC Flame Cutting Machine Gantry Model


Steel Plate H Beam Production Line CNC Flame Cutting Machine Gantry Model



1. Performance and characteristic

        The our company produces the numerical control cutting machine, completely uses the standard production manufacture, its function as follows:

a. Entire machine for Dragon Gate type structure, after elimination internal stress processing, does not have the distortion.
b. High accuracy gears strip transmission, bilateral actuation.
c. Precise actuations systematic and reliable main frame.
d. Artistic, neat hanging whole arrangement structure.
e. Fast highly effective special-purpose CNC controller, facilitates operation.
f. Integrations, artistic contour structure and color.
g. Has the absolute competitive ability the price, the technical support and the post-sale clothing



2. Main technical specification

a. machine width: 4000mm
b. Effective cutting width: straight strip torch≤80-3300mm, CNC torch≤2500mm
c. Rail length: 15000mm
d. Effective cutting length: 13500mm
e. Cutting speed: 50-1000mm/min
f. Free speed: 4000mm/min
g. Cutting thickness: 6-100mm(for single torch)
h. Cutting precision: 0.5mm/m
i. CNC torch: 2 groups
j. Strip torch: 9 groups
k. Cutting surface roughness: Ra12.5-25
l. Auto ignition and auto height adjusting system
m. Transmission: gear-rack
n. Power: 1P AC220V 50HZ 2Kw
o. Cutting supply source: oxygen, acetylene or propane (air source request, oxygen: purity 99.6%, pressure 10Pa, current capacity 850L/min, propane: flame cutting pressure 0.6Pa, current capacity 32L/min)
p. Drive type: Panasonic servo motor, doule sides
q. CNC control system: Start SH2200 CNC control system



3. Main function

a. High definition graph dynamic processing track display function.
b. Friendly men-machine contact surfaces, facilitate the operation, the entire Chinese menu demonstrated that, facilitates the Chinese market the need.
c. Many kinds of users operation function: Automatic, manual, the  single stage, the theory path, the demonstration, the edition, the input/output, cuts slit compensates, parameter establishment and so on.
d. Real-time movements graphical display, shears the mouth position and the control procedure demonstration.
e. Systems may provide 0.0001mm, 0.001mm and the 0.01mm control precision, the user according to need to carry on the choice.
f. Uses the thin film button common control, the waterproofing, dustproof, guards against the pollution, the arrangement is reasonable, ease of operation.
g. May the background programming and the entire screen edition way, the CNC use factor high, the processing is quickly convenient.
h. Male the British system transforms, coordinate axis mark transformation function.
i. Returns shears the function again and cuts in the process to adjust shears the mouth function.
j. Cut slit compensates, counter- gap compensatory function.
k. Systems from diagnosis, connection diagnosis communication diagnosis, excessively hot breakdown and so on auto-alarm function, power failure data protection function.
l. Data feeds way: Manual keyboard entry, computer direct communication.
m. CPU, the movement card and the I/O part completely use the cover technology, high reliable protection, superior quality.



4. Provide goods and compose parts

a. Main frame: including beam, longitudinal driving side-beam, gearbox of both direction steel-band transmission unit gear rack control board CNC box 2 sets of flame torch, 9sets of strip torch transverse drag-chain cables.
b. Cutting torch: 2 group of CNC control cutting torches, 9 groups of straight lines shear the moment.
c. Actuation: The Panasonic servo electrical machinery, the decelerator, walks the gear, the rack and so on.
d. Electric control: The Start SH2200 numerical control system, the numerical control box, operates the keyboard, strong electricity control box and so on.
e. provide gas set mad the source rubber tube, ties a string the pulley and so on.
f. Spare parts: 11pieces of 01 #nozzles, each 2 push buttons*3, toggle switches*2, intermediate relays 1 steel-band 1 longitudinal gear.



Steel Plate H Beam Production Line CNC Flame Cutting Machine Gantry Model 0


GS-3000 CNC flame cutting machine, it only has a 1500mm effective cutting width and adopts one side motor driven (Panasonic), if you want to see the video please search Luk Mankai on Youtube