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DX Series H Beam End Face Milling Machine / Surface Milling Machine 1200X1500 Mm

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Friendship Machinery

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: DX Series

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Packaging Details: Standard package

Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment

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DX Series H Beam End Face Milling Machine / Surface Milling Machine 1200X1500 Mm

DX Series H Beam End Face Milling Machine / Surface Milling Machine 1200*1500mm



1. Structure principle

        Model DX1215 end face milling machine is composed of machine body, sliding table, stand column, elevating table, horizontal feed mechanism, elevating mechanism, electrical control system etc.
Hydraulic working table is composed of two working tables, two positioning seat, two pressing seat, and one hydraulic station.

        The machine body is of welding structure, annealing treatment. It has the characteristic of high intensity, small deformation. The machine body rail, one is rectangle rail which has big capacity, and one is V-type rail which has high precision. The slipway is casting steel stricture which has good wear resistance. The slipway rail and machine body rail has good cooperation precision after grinding.



2. Technical data

● Working size: 1200*1500mm
● Milling head main axis turning speed: 80-400r/min
● Stretch out length of main shaft: 80mm
● Cutter diameter: φ125mm
● Milling motor power: 5.5kw
● Horizontal feeding speed: 54.8-548mm/min
● Horizontal quick-return speed: 822mm/min
● Horizontal feeding motor power: 3kw/ 4kw (double-speed)
● Vertical feeding speed: 53-530mm/min
● Quick-lifting speed: 530mm/min
● Vertical feeding motor power: 1.5kw



3. Performance

● The machine mainly consists of facer, elevation column, worktable, bed, mechanical feeding unit, electric control system, rail-guard unit and milling tools.
● The bed is welding structure, annealed after welding, it has light weight, high intensity, little deformation, reasonable structure and good technology
● Facer is TX-32A type, of reasonable structure, reliable performance, extensive speed range, good rigidity, low noise, high efficiency and convenient operation
● Worktable is forged into shape, composing into sliding-couple with bed, as to its rails, one is rectangular-section, another V-section, with big loading capacity and high guiding precision, also with good lubrication condition, work-table is driven with mechanical transmission system through taper lead-screw nut, with motions of fast-FOR, work-FOR and fast-retreat, facer is installed on the worktable, which mills work-piece, resets and elevates under driven of worktable, cycle of worktable is realized via mechanical transmission system and electrical control system, and can be controlled by hand
● Rail guarding unit has good sealing, good radiation and long life, it is of shrinking structure, there is peep-hole on the fixed guarding-hood, through which lubrication and cleanness of rail can be observed, oil can be applied onto rail, a mini-cover plate is used for covering the hole
● Mechanical transmission system:
a. horizontal direction: to-and-fro movement of worktable, the is accomplished with shaft in the feeding box, through taper lead-screw couple and bracket, vertical
b. direction: carriage is elevated with shaft in the gear box, through taper lead-screw transmission couple
● The facers used in this machine is standard surface facer, facer head material can be change to hard-alloy blade
● In order to clamping and positioning the work-piece, this machine with 2 sets work-piece clamper (hydraulic worktable)



4. Supply range and components

● Elevation column: 1 set (including TX32 facer, elevating carriage, elevating column, counter-weight, elevating transmission unit)
● Lathe bed assembly: 1 set (including slide-table, machine bed, feeding motor reducer, feeding lead-screw)
● Electric system: 1 set (including control box, operate panel, A.C. inverter etc.)
● Milling facer: 1 set (including φ125 standard surface facer, blade)
● Accessories with machine: 1set (including facer pull-rod, cutter fitting tools, milling exchange gear)
● Work-piece clamper: 2 sets (including oil cylinder, worktable rack, oil cylinder base)
● Hydraulic pump station: 1 set
● Spare part with machine: 1set (including 2 pieces fuse, 2 pieces button)



5. Technical document

● Operation manual (electrical principle drawing, hydraulic principle drawing and foundation drawing etc.)
● Packing list
● Milling head operational manual
● Hydraulic station operation manual


6. Parts prepared by buyer

● Foundation (diagram paper will be provided by seller)
● Foundation bolt and expansion bolt


DX Series H Beam End Face Milling Machine / Surface Milling Machine 1200X1500 Mm 0


H beam end face milling machine - Structure showing