Chain Type Turning Machine Box Beam Production Line Chain Overturn Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Friendship Machinery
Certification CE, ISO
Model Number LF Series
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Packaging Details Standard package
Delivery Time 30 working days after down payment
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Product Description


Chain Type Turning Machine Box Beam Production Line / Chain Overturn Machine



1. Equipment instruction

       This machine is 4 tons chain tilter. Through the chain of overturning, it can make work piece be located at the right position. Meanwhile it can be connected with other welding device, it can be turned into a half-automatic welding machine. It uses electromagnetic speed variation or frequency control.



2. Technical parameter

a. Model: LF-60
b. Maximum load capacity: 6tons
c. Maximum eccentricity: 20mm
d. Overturning motor power: 2*2*2.2KW
e. Overturning angel: 0-360°
f. Suitable maximum height of work-piece: 2800mm
g. Suitable maximum width of work-piece: 2500mm
h. Overturning speed: 520-5200mm/min, frequency control of motor speed
i. Color: yellow or blue



3. Performance feature

        The tilter consists of frame, overturning structure, overturning limb, balance weight and control parts.
        The main machine of frame is one part of welding structure. It adopts with frame type structure, and all weld joint is in accordance with constant strengthen welding joint requirement to weld. After welding, it is used to annealing heat treatment so that it can wipe off welding internal stress and prevent deformation.
Main function of overturning structure makes for welding by overturning work-piece. It is made up of motor, reducer, chain wheel and chain. The reducer adopts with S series worm gear helical spiral cones reducer + brake motor drive. It can lock the work-piece turning effectively. It can reach any position to lock work-piece.
        Main function of flip arm is auxiliary support role. The middle is linked with the frame, and it can do fixed angel sway around the rotation axes.
        The end is linked with balance weight. The fore end is linked with work-piece by chain. Without work-piece, flip arm impacts it turning back on balance weight influence. The distance between two flip arms is more than 800mm. it can make work-piece set conveniently. When putting work-piece down, flip arm can forward horizontal position by gravity influences. When it need hand work-piece out, flip arm turn back because of balance weight influences to make the distance between two flip arms more than 800mm, then it can hang work-piece out conveniently.
        Balance weight is linked with the back of flip arm. The main function is used for turning arm back.
        Overturning speed of the chain is adjustable steplessly. Through adopting with transducer, it can adjust overturning speed.



4. Supply range and components unit (2 Sets)

a. Constitute: frame, switching mechanism, flip arm, balance weight
b. Random material 1piece

5. Technical document
a. Operation instruction manual
b. Certification, packing list



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