Automatic H Beam Assembling Machine , H Beam Straightening Machine CE / ISO

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification CE, ISO
Model Number PHJ SERIES
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price USD44000
Packaging Details 40' Shipping Container
Delivery Time 30 working days
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High Light

h beam assembly machine


submerged arc welding equipment

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Product Description



Automatic H Beam Assembling Machine , H Beam Straightening Machine CE / ISO


1. Main structure and working principle


    The equipment mainly consist of input conveyor roller and center-alignment device, output conveyor roller, main machine, hydraulic system, electric control box etc. The main machine consist of left, right column, flange & web clamping device, gantry structure, top clamping device, web assistant clamping device, pressing wheel device, right & left welding torch device, flux recovery system, straightening unit etc.


    The assembling and positioning on flanges and web are to be achieved in two sections: firstly the automatic center-alignment device on input conveyor roller to separately pre setting position of flange, web. When the flange and web that need to assembly will be transported separately arrive to the main machine positioning block, then each positioning clamping devices on the main machine to clamp on web and flange.


    On the main machine gantry structure, there is pressing and clamping device, on which there is pressing roller that are on same vertical face to main transmission roller. When the pressing roller pressing down to make lower edge of web to touch against tightly on flange. On the front edge of pressing roller and under the lower end of flange there is an up-pressing block, if the flange is not flat, in order to keep the flange and web are contacting against on each other tightly on the welding place, then can start on this up-pressing block to jacking up the flange to make the assembling welding place tightly contact. Then start on main machine transmission device, then the main motor will drive the main transmission rolling wheel to rotate via the working of cycloid wheel gearbox and universal coupling unit, to realize the movement of work-piece, and cooperating the working of welding torch device on two sides on box structure, and the together with the working of straightening unit in front of the main machine to finish the assembling, welding and straightening on the beam after welding. To adjust on the frequency conversion device can realize the variable speed movement of work-piece.



2. Main technical


No. Item Specification
1 Web height 200-1800mm
2 Web thickness 6-30 mm
3 Flange width 200-1000mm
4 Flange thickness 6-40mm
5 H beam length 4000-15000mm
6 Working speed 200-1000mm/min
7 Conveyor roller total 24000mm
8 Center-alignment method Hydraulic + mechanical
9 Welding type Transverse fillet welding
10 Mechanical power


(not including welding power source)

11 Speed control AC inverter control


Automatic H Beam Assembling Machine , H Beam Straightening Machine CE / ISO 0


Automatic H Beam Assembling Machine , H Beam Straightening Machine CE / ISO 1