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automatic 8m/Min PUF Panel Manufacturing Machine With Conveyor

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Friendship Machinery

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: QH Series

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Packaging Details: Standard package

Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment

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automatic puf panel manufacturing machine


Metal puf panel manufacturing machine


puf sandwich panel production line

automatic 8m/Min PUF Panel Manufacturing Machine With Conveyor


Automatic PU Sandwich Panel Production Line Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines



1. Technical parameters of PU sandwich panel product line


        This PU sandwich panel production line is an automatic production line. In the PU sandwich panel producing procedure, the product line can continuously produce sandwich panel with PU as its core material. The liquid state raw materials were continuously injected into the middle of two steel panels and reacting, foaming, solidifying in the double-rubber belt, the PU sandwich panel could be cut out automatically according to the required length for users.


        It consists of 5 tons automatic uncoiler, chain driven transmission, 2 sets of roll former, PU foaming machine, PU panel conveyor, non-stop cutting device, electric controlling system.


● Production material: (0.3-0.6mm)*L
● Production speed: 4-8m/min
● Production type: totally continuous production with PLC  
● PU foam thickness: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm
● Composite structure: position fixed by double rubber tracker
● Foaming system: totally automatically continuous foaming, quantity of foaming could be step-less adjustable      
● Total power: 50 KW
● Cutting: band saw  
● Electronic controlling system: PLC controlling system



2. Specification detail

● Two sets of uncoiler: it is automatic and hydraulic, can be used to uncoil steel coil which is maximal 1300mm wide, 5 ton and steel coiler's inner diameter is about 500mm

● Two sets of roll forming machine
a. Function: roll forming for the profiles of PU panel
b. Use the welding H-beam, motor driver, sprocket chain driving
c. Technical data: material of roller is 45# forged steel, with CNC processing, plated with hard chrome on surface of forming rollers


● Two sets of conveyor rack: up conveyor is about 24m, down conveyor is about 30m, they lead the steel sheet from the roll forming machine to preheating room and to foaming, to cutting.


● One preheating room: it is built by heat-insulation material, and it could heat up the steel sheet to 25-38 by heater


● One set of PU two component liquid mixing and injecting section for foaming: it adopt Chinese high pressure pump, it has the temperature control system and material-level monitoring system, the tank of the material is about 150L, two tanks, this section is showed in the photo

● Foaming and double rubber device include motor driver system to make panel, the width of belt board is 1250mm, the range of adjusting distance between upper and lower frame belt board: min 25mm, max 200mm, and the range of adjusting thickness of sandwich panel: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm (50mm and 75mm for celling, 100mm for wall)


● Panel automatically cutting system
a. Cutting machine can move 2500mm longitudinally along product line
b. Fly saw of the cutting machine can move transversely 1900mm, cutting machine moves longitudinally and transversely along the slide way
c. Cutting machine adopts one-side blade band saw manner, cutting and revolving after cutting, the cutting saw can revolve, so cutting in two directions is realizable
d. There is panel tight-pressing system (pneumatic) in the cutting machine
e. There is location limiter to limit longitudinal and transverse motion of cutting machine

● Electric control system
a. The control system adopt the touch screen, PLC, module control and transducer, the control system adopt Panasonic (JAPAN) product
b. There one control platforms and electric trunk by which operating and controlling the electric motors and all motions (including hydraulic and pneumatic) in the product line
c. Intercalated appropriate amount of portable switch on the product line, so manual operation get convenient
d. Alarm and emergency stop system should be installed in the product line in case accident happens



3. Working flow

Uncoiler loading → Adjustable feeding guide → Steel panel forming → Steel sheet feeding guide → PU foaming → PU panel conveyor → Non-stop cutting



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