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H Beam Straightening Machine , H Beam Welding Line Integrated Machine

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Friendship Machinery

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: PHj Series

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Packaging Details: Standard package

Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment

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h beam straightening machine


h beam assembling machine

H Beam Straightening Machine , H Beam Welding Line Integrated Machine


H Beam Straightening Machine , H Beam Welding Line Integrated Machine



1. Machine introduction

        PHJ series H beam fabrication machine is a highly efficient equipment for manufacturing welding structure H beam, which can finish the job of accurate “I” shape assembly, SAW, flange straightening of light duty H beam with the weld toe below 8mm.This equipment has the merit of compact appearance while integrating the function of assembly, welding and straightening, so as to leaving out transfer of work-piece among different process, which is a cost efficient equipment of good technology.



2. Technical parameters

● Work-piece dimension





Flange thickness



Flange width



Web thickness



Web width



H-beam length



● Machine parameters
- Welding: twin arc tack SAW
- Maximum weld toe size of single pass: 8mm
- Input conveyor: total length 10m, into 3 segments, of which one is motor-driven 3 sets conveyor
- Output conveyor: total length around 10m, of which two can be elevated 4 sets conveyor
- Assembly, welding and straightening speed: 0.2-2m/min
- Total power: 11KW (two welding power is 180KVA)
- Machine size: length × width × height = 28m × 4m × 4.2m
- Color: depend on customer demand



2. Assembly unit

        There are 3 sets of manipulator among input conveyors of the equipment, for rough aligning and positioning of flange and web. When sheets are hoisted onto the equipment, these manipulators can support the sheets and align them, preventing the sheets from dumping, making operation safe and reliable.

        There are 2 sets of positioning units for flange and web each, with the positioning style of one side lead-screw, the other side hydraulic cylinder, making accurate positioning of the work-piece. The lead-screw positioning units (2 for flange, 2 for web) are joint together thru coupling shaft of reducer, guaranteeing in-phase working of the units, as well as simple and quick adjustment for different size of H-beam.

        After web and flange are sent into the equipment, the tail aligning unit will be raised automatically, making sure alignment of face of flanges and web.



3. Welding unit

        2 sets of U.S. LINCOLN DC1000 SAW system is used for welding the 2 seams alongside both sides of H-beam, of Twin arc fashion(TWIN, Ø1.6 wire), featuring in high efficiency and good quality.
Position of welding torch can be adjusted and observed easily during welding.


        2 sets of automatic flux recycling system are used for conveying flux to the welding seam and screening and recycling un-sintered flux by way of the suction hole at the rear side of torch, and sucking the flux back into flux barrel for re-use.

5. Straightening unit


        Deformation happens at the flanges post welding. For this reason, 1 set of flange straightening unit is equiped at the output side of the equipment. It is mechanic down stroke style, of strong force and easy control.


        Thickness of flange that can be straightened see below table (tensile strength σb≈400MPa):


Flange thickness (mm)






Flange width (mm)








        After welding, one side of web will be subjected to heat input, making H-beam expanding and bending upward. For this reason, 2 sets of elevating conveyor are used for supporting H-beam.
The equipment has the same speed for assembly, welding and straightening which is VF controlled and displayed in digit, adapting to manufacture of H-beam of various specification.



6. Main units

● Welding system: U.S. Lincoln DC-1000, TWINARC
● A.C. VF drive system: JP Mitsubishi
● Reducer: Chinese-made
● Hydraulic system: Chinese-made


7. Range of supply

● Main body: assembly unit, welding system, straightening unit, top gantry, flux conveying and recycling system.
● Input conveyor: total length around 10m, 3 sets manipulator for rough aligning and supporting of flange and web.
● Output conveyor: total length around 10m, 2 segments of elevating conveyor.
● Welding PS: 2 sets LINCOLN DC 1000, NA-3S wire feeding unit and control board.
● Hydraulic pump station: 1 set
● Control system: 1 set



H beam integrated machine adopts US Lincoln DC1000 welder and NZ3-S controller


Welding torch fix mechanism is set up separately, it not only can adjust height and horizontal moving position, also can adjust the angle of welding torch on two directions, it guarantees the nice seam form

H Beam Straightening Machine , H Beam Welding Line Integrated Machine 0



H Beam Straightening Machine , H Beam Welding Line Integrated Machine 1

3 in 1 H Beam automatic vertical welding machine



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If you want to see the video please search Luk Mankai on Youtube