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Rotary Tilting Automatic Pipe Weld Positioner / Welding Welding Turntable

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Friendship Machinery

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: WP Series

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Packaging Details: Standard package

Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment

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Rotary Tilting Automatic Pipe Weld Positioner / Welding Welding Turntable


Rotary Tilting Automatic Pipe Weld Positioner / Welding Welding Turntable



1. Working table
● Working surface is processed with N4 screw holes and a 6T grooves, meet the M30T nut, and circular grooves, facilitate the work piece on the center; T shaped groove below adds plate.


● Use high quality steel plate, strengthening treatment on the stress part; annealing, stress relieving process.


● Working table is fixed on the professional rotary body, stable bearing and rotary.

2. Rotating mechanism
● Table is fixed on a rotary support bearings, ensure the rated load bearing and rotating smooth; rotary mechanism is for drives the rotation of the work piece.
● The bottom of the working table adopts welded profiles, reinforcement in the stress part, table after welding eliminate stress, no deformation.
● The work table is fixed on the rotary bearing, so as to ensure the steady turning. The slewing bearing has the big bearing capacity, high precision.
● Slewing bearing the "single row slewing ring" produced by professional manufacturers. Have the advantages of reasonable structure, good rigidity, light weight, long service life etc... Slewing bearing is designed with full sealing device of heat resisting rubber, lubricating oil is not leaked, external dust can not enter the slewing bearing slewing bearing damage, meet very bad welding environment. And equipped with a lengthened butter filling pipe, convenient injected regularly into the butter, in order to ensure the equipment running well.
● Rotary of work table is by AC motor through a double stage cycloid pin wheel reducer.
● The drive pinion gear made of 40Cr material, and tempered, tooth surface hardening treatment, so as to meet the transfer using high strength.
● Driven by AC frequency conversion stepless speed adjusting in a wide speed range, to ensure constant torque output.
● The rotary mechanism is arranged on the cross beam, turnover box structure frame. Beam supports work piece, and transfer the weight to the columns, can bear large impact load and torsion. Use box structure, can effectively carrying and anti torsion. Box structure stress treatment after welding processing, and according to the conditions of stress arrangement has a large number of stiffeners. Beam and the turnover mechanism connect through bolts.
3. Tilting mechanism

● The turnover mechanism can make the work piece pitching motion; change the position of the work piece is convenient for welding.
● Use the circular arc tooth worm gear reducer (two stage gear reducer); has the big bearing capacity, anti shock capability, to ensure the safe and stable work performance in the turning process of speed reducer.
● The working principle of turnover: electromagnetic brake motor - reducer gear - gear disk -work piece. By the double fluted disc of large diameter and high modulus can realize the work piece turnover, stable and reliable, bearing effect is good, the turning drive mechanism will also use reducer high output torque and motor, and consider the safety and reliability, all have locking brake, ensure that the equipment is safe and reliable to use.