Holder Welding Positioner 0.5 Rpm Turntable Rotary

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name Friendship Machinery
Certification CE, ISO
Model Number FSM-LT Series
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Packaging Details Steel framework and wire mesh
Delivery Time 20 Working days after down payment
Supply Ability 25 sets per month
Product Details
Rotation Speed 0.05-0.5rpm Power Supply 380V 3P 50HZ
Capacity 20T Built-in Electric 3P Ac Motor, Pendant With 15m Cable
Our Service Steel Welding Fabrication Finish Power Coated
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Holder Welding Positioner


Turntable Welding Rotary Positioner


Welding Positioner 0.5 rpm

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Product Description

Welding Positioner Holder Welding Positioner Turntable Welding Rotary Positioner


The positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for the welding position of the rotary work to obtain the ideal processing position and welding speed. It can be used with manipulators and welding machines to form an automatic welding center. It can also be used for workpiece displacement during manual operations. The table rotation adopts frequency converter stepless speed regulation, with high speed regulation accuracy. The remote control box can realize the remote operation of the workbench, and can also be connected with the operating machine and the welding machine control system to realize the linkage operation.


Automatic tilt positioning machine/turntable series can be divided into side tilting type, head and tail rotating type, head and tail rack lifting and rotating type, head and tail rack tilting type, and double rotating type positioning machine.


1. The rotation structure of positioner is driven by the name brand DC motor, while stepless speed regulation can be achieved.
2. The turning structure of worm and gear has the function of self-lock, and the worktable can be turned steplessly between 0-90°.

3. Table of welding positoner has centre through hole, which is convenient for the pipe to be clamped and positioned, and protect the gas when it go through the internal pipe, so it will improve the accuracy and quality of welding.
4. Special design of anti-electromagnetic, which reduces the high frequency interference of TIG's welding, and can improve the welding quality effectively.

5. The welding chuck and adjustable-welding gun support can be furnished to fix the position of the welding torch.
6. The track and air-powered tip can be furnished to achieve the function of self-holding to the workpieces.
7. The upgrading can be achieved on the basis of current positioners, improve automatization of the welding process


2. Features


● 20T at 300mm at eccentricity

● Single pinion drive

● 2.2KW drive control system inverter type

● Rotary ground clamp 800amps

● Pendant control, push button type with 6m control leads



3. Ordering information checklist


● Turntable: 20T

● Built-in electric: 3P Ac motor, pendant with 15m cable

● Table: a round table with diameter of 1800mm