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Professional CNC Plasma Cutting Machine , Flame H Beam Cutting Machine CE / ISO

Product Details

Place of Origin: CHINA


Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: PHJ SERIES

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: USD21000

Packaging Details: 20' Shipping Container

Delivery Time: 30 working days

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Professional CNC Plasma Cutting Machine , Flame H Beam Cutting Machine CE / ISO

1. Main proposal


No. Item Specification
1 Machine width 5000mm
2 Effective cutting width 4000mm
3 Rail length 14000mm
4 Effective cutting length 12000mm
5 Plasma power source Huyuan, China
6 Arc voltage height controller 1 set
7 Plasma torch 1 set
8 CNC cutting torch 2 sets
9 Flame cutting thickness 6-100mm
10 Control switch Some
11 Idle running speed 0-6000mm/min
12 Cutting surface roughness Ra≤12.5
13 Driving system Servo motor



2. Main description


● Heavy duty machine structure

a. Box structure welded by thick steel, aging treated

b. Intermittent welding for box structure, welding stress thus minimized

c. High rigidity and precision, light and small inertness

d. Welded by thick steel, aging treated

e. Operation panel installed, easy to operate

f. Shot-blasting and distressing treatment for structure surface

g. Self-guiding mechanism by spring rather than eccentric clamping structure, stable and smooth

h. Running without tight or loose clamping



● 38Kg heavy duty guide rail for longitudinal transmission

a. 38kg heavy duty guide rail for longitudinal transmission
b. Top and sides grind, levelness can be 0.02mm
c. Guide rails connected by span spindle, guarantees a excellent performance

d. Stable running and long service time


● Taiwan precision square guide rail

a. Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails, 1 upper and 1 lower
b. Characterized of high precision, free maintenance and long service time


● 7-grade precision rack and reliable bearing

a. 7-grade standard rack, precise meshing of rack and gear
b. Installed at both sides of guide rails

c. Automatic clearance compensation device for transmission, guarantees a precise running

d. Pitch system rack for longitudinal transmission, greatly reducing accumulated error


● Driving system (servo motor and reducer)

a. Japan Panasonic AC servo motors

b. Bilateral driving for longitudinal transmission and reducers for both side

c. Cutting torches installed on the steel belt which is driven by a set of servo motor and reducer

d. Germany neugart plant gear reducers, whose input/ out error can be 16 arc-min, high precise and torque, maintenance free


● Plasma source - Huayuan LGK - 200

a. All the important parts in this plasma cutting machine like IGBT, diode, integrated circuit, relay, current and voltage regulator are world famous brand which have high reliability

b. Soft switch technology, improve the IGBT and it`s reliability

c. 100% (40ºC) duty cycle, it is suitable for long time, heavy load, high temperature and bad circumstances

d. Inverter control power source: Small volume, little weight and energy saving

e. Current up-slope function: reduce the impact on striking arc and decrease consumption of cutting torch parts



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